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Оценка недвижимости и землиTurning to the experts of our company, you will get professional consultation as well as be able to order the following services:
- Expert monetary value (tax assessment, assessment for sale and other civil transactions);
- Technical documentation for regulatory assessment of settlements (normative evaluation);
- Technical documentation for regulatory monetary value outside the settlements;
- Technical documentation for regulatory monetary value of land;
- Extract from the technical documentation for regulatory monetary value of the village (normative evaluation);
- Reviewing reports of expert monetary evaluation of land.
The need for valuation of real estate occurs in the following cases:  
-  In contractual matters concerning economic agreement and civil transactions;  
- If there is a need to estimate or overestimate the main assets of the company;  
- When the property is registered by the enterprise and is considered to be in pledge in order to get  a loan or to be invested;  
- Buying or renting a municipal (state) property;  
- If the property will be used as the registered capital;  
- If there are no property documents, and the property is placed on the balance sheet;  
- If a company pays off the debt using property or it is paid off the debt;
- During the application of a bankruptcy procedure, liquidation, and reorganization, etc.
There are two main types of valuation: a valuation of property for civil transactions and estimated monetary value. In addition, for some transactions an abstract taken from the technical documentation about estimated monetary value ("normative evaluation ") is required.  
Estimated monetary value (normative monetary evaluation)is divided into:  
- normative monetary evaluation of settlements (technical documentation)  
- normative monetary evaluation outside the settlements (in the outskirts)
The subject property can be:  
Items of immovable property (real estate properties):  
- Structures, buildings, residential accommodation (apartments, houses, cottages), incomplete construction projects;  
- Land plots, forests.  
Movable property:  
- Machinery and equipment
- Vehicles  
- Securities, stocks, etc;  
- Shares and allotments;  
Residential area:
Territory outside the settlements  
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