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The registration of real estate is a set of actions which are to collect and produce various documents and provide information which is necessary to obtain the documents of entitlement for a real estate, which is owned by you.

The registration of real estate includes:

  • the production of technical passport issued by the Bureau of Technical Inventory;
  • making a BTI certificate-characteristics;
  • developing the documents on the possibility of separation of one property into several independent objects;
  • the definition of shares of a part-owner unit;
  •  the assignment or change of permanent mailing addresses of real estate;
  • transferring apartment buildings into manors;
  • legalizing illegal construction (extensions, balconies, garages, etc.);
  •  registration of real estate in the Registration service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, as well as other actions that are necessary to obtain a certificate of ownership of the property.

If you need assistance in obtaining the title of real property and preparation of documents for real estate transactions, turn to our company "Documents", and we will help give answers to all the questions you may have.

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