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Land registration includes various types of work such as: land surveying, topographic-geodetic surveying and other work related to obtaining the required documents on land in the public authorities.  
Land surveying is a detailed study or inspection which is based on gathering information through observations, measurements in the field, questionnaires, or research of legal instruments, and data analysis in the support of planning, designing, and establishing of property boundaries.  Land surveying includes associated services such as mapping and related data accumulation, construction layout surveys, precision measurements of length, angle, elevation, area, and volume, as well as horizontal and vertical control surveys, and the analysis and utilization of land survey data that are performed by surveyors for document preparation for the land management.  
The purpose of land surveying is to prepare the documents for land management (land allotment projects, technical documentation, etc.). Documentation is developed on the basis of normative legal acts, technical and economic documents which are required for solving the problems related to the provision of the land, its transfer, alienation, redemption, combining the parcels of land or changing the purpose of land. 
Topographic-geodetic surveying contains a shooting of the land, its territory and borders, topographical survey (mapping), as well as transferring and securing the borders of the land that are projected on the layout. The goal of topo-geodetic studies is to obtain the necessary source data needed for planning. These studies are conducted in order to make a plan of the land and determine the coordinates of the turning points of land boundaries and the subsequent design of various engineering structure which will be located on the land.
The need for execution of geodetic work stems from the following cases:  
1. To privatize the land one should have a cadastral map with coordinates of the turning points of land boundaries which is considered to be a binding document. To make up such a plan the survey of land boundaries is needed.
2. Surveys of the land boundaries are needed if the cadastral number is assigned to the privatized land, and the act was issued up to 2003.
3. A topographic survey on the land territory must be always ordered before designing the houses, other buildings and various objects of engineering constructions.  
4. If the boundary marks have been destroyed or if you have any doubts concerning the correct location of the boundary marks it is necessary to set out the land boundaries. 
For providing all land surveying work different legal documents, certificates, plans, studies, copying, preparation are required, which also demand financial, physical and time-consuming. To avoid or significantly reduce such problems, the specialists of the company “Documents” will help you.


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