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нормативная оценка Сумы, одессаTurning to our experts, you can:  

  • get free professional advice on matters related to receiving an excerpt from technical documentation about normative monetary evaluation;
  • take an extract from the technical documentation of normative monetary evaluation of a land plot (normative assessment);  
  • order a set of documents for the notary: an extract from technical documentation on the normative monetary evaluation of a land plot; an extract from the State Land Cadastre on a land plot, the extract on existing encumbrances (restrictions) concerning the use of land.  

Normative Evaluation is needed to consummate the land transactions.  
To arrive at a normative monetary evaluation of the land plot, the following documents are required:  
- Copies of the State act on a land plot;  
- Copies of a passport and a tax ID number, for individuals;  
- A copy of Tax Clearance Certificate, the Certificate of incorporation into the Uniform State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine, the protocol of the meeting of founding parties (the verified copies) for legal entities;
- An application addressed to the Chief of Territorial Administration of the State Agency for Land Resources;  
To order a normative monetary evaluation, call us: 050-560-01-04 or 068-093-04-08

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