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Applications to the decree of Sumy city council “On Approving the Rules of outdoor advertising in Sumy from the 5th of July in 2011 № 455”  

Turning to our experts, you can:  
- Get advice on granting the permits for outdoor advertising in Sumy;  
- Get help in solving issues related to outdoor advertising in Sumy;  
- Order outdoor advertising;
Do you need to gain clearance for outdoor advertising in Sumy?  
We can help you receive it!  
We provide services concerning granting permits for various types of advertising media. Our specialists can help you solve the problems dealing with the placement of outdoor advertising in Sumy. This procedure includes preparatory negotiations on granting permits for outdoor advertising, as well as receiving all documents required for the placement of advertising constructions. We can render assistance in registration of various types of outdoor advertising such as light boxes, panel brackets, channel letters, roof structures, etc. Our experts will provide you with advice and assistance in registration of unusual signboard, problem designs, and obtaining permits for complicated advertising structures.  
If you want to place a signboard on the building or any other construction of  advertising design according to the Law "On Advertising", it is necessary to get permission of issuing  approval documents!  
We can help you legalize all documents and grant the permits for following types of outdoor advertising in Sumy such as:  
- Large banners on the fronts of buildings;  
- Signboards of various sizes on the fronts of buildings;  
- Freestanding (detached) types of advertising mediums;  
- Different types of roof constructions.
Monthly payment for outdoor advertising is paid to the budget of Sumy. The payment is calculated taking into account the factor which depends on the location of outdoor advertising (its address), if the place, where it is located, belongs to the municipal property of Sumy.  
The approval documents for outdoor advertising are made from three to six months. The permit for outdoor advertising in Sumy is granted due to the decree enacted by Sumy State Administration. The permit is valid for 5 years.  
The cost of granting permits will increase if a signboard or an advertising structure is placed on a building that is an architectural monument.  
According to Laws of Ukraine to prolong the validity of permits for outdoor advertising, you have to submit a complete package of documents to the permissive center no later than one month before the expired date of permits for outdoor advertising.

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