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Turning to the company "Documents", you can get all the services that are within competence of the BTI.

A List of work that is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Technical Inventory

(BTI) contains:

  • Providing technical inventory, valuation and certification, as well as the registration of inventory valuation adjustment and the diagnosis of real estate;
  • Preparing technical documentation for housing construction co-operative, gardening, garage, country and other societies, associations and cooperatives if their members have paid their share contributions;
  • Preparing technical documentation for buildings of economic, industrial, social and other purposes;
  • Preparing technical documentation for immovable objects, the ownership of which is acquired as a result of the liquidation or restructuring of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • Providing forensic and technical assessment;
  • A set of operations based on valuation and revaluation of buildings and structures;
  • Documenting copies of certificates and references to individuals and legal entities.

Company "Documents" is a modern enterprise supplied with the latest advanced information systems; our employees are constantly introducing and applying the latest innovative methods of work. The personnel consist of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Types of services provided by the BTI are the following:

1. Evaluation of objects in kind: the evaluation of immovable property and real estate, including land valuation and property rights on it;

2. Building technical expertise according to the following specialties:

- land distribution;

- order establishing land use;

- determination of  assessed value of the built structures and facilities;

- research in building materials, constructions, real estate and related documents;

3. Services on housing privatization;

4. Technical inventory of immovable property;

5. Legal services for real estate:

- the establishment of facts related to the documents of entitlement, if there were mistakes found in the surname, first name or last name;

- the declaration of title in case of a lost document or receiving its duplicate;

-  the filing of a statement of claim to the court;

- the declaration of title to inheritance of immovable property;

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