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Architectural Workshop is a team of energetic and competent professionals working in the field of engineering and design. Turning to us, you will get some professional advice on matters relating to the design of houses and cottages, including the exterior design of houses, interior design, landscape garden design and other related issues.

Projects, which are developed by the Architectural Workshop, differ from each other due to the originality of solutions. Every single day they please the eye of the citizens of Sumy and many other cities in our region and the whole Ukraine.

The strategy of our company lies in the constant development and improvement, the daily creation of new modern and progressive projects that will satisfy the most demanding customers. We will accompany and assist our clients during all phases of construction. It becomes possible due to the warm and friendly relations and close cooperation with companies, which have become indisputable leaders in the field of their activities. The speed ​​of providing services and their quality are the most important aspects that make our company different from others.

Our team of experienced experts, who do know and love their job, develop project documentation. Ordering a project, you will receive a set of project documentation, which also contains the planning and visualization based on modern methods and has a realistic view.

Architectural workshop works out high-quality projects of cottages in Sumy and Sumy region, house plans and building projects of any type. ArchitecturalПроект ресторана workshop performs the development of house plans in different architectural styles.

Architectural Workshop conducts an individual design of houses and cottages of any type in Sumy. Starting a project, all aspects must be taken into account at the customer's request, including the peculiar features of the location for developing a house plan that will definitely suit you. Building of cottages according to individual projects in Sumy and Sumy region has many advantages because everything is planned at your request: the size and number of rooms, location of service lines, kind of heating and ventilation systems, etc. Also, turning to our architectural workshop you can order the design of the project, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

So Architectural workshop engage in architectural design of houses in Sumy, Sumy region, and throughout Ukraine, designing private houses and cottages in Sumy and Sumy region. Moreover, it performs an interior and exterior design and landscape design in Sumy and Sumy region.

Architectural Workshop is an integral part of the company "Documents", which has extensive plans, and it is developing rapidly and implementing its projects taking into account your wishes and thinking of you!

We practice an individual approach to every client. Commit us to work on a project and make sure that we will turn your dreams into reality!



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