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приватизация земли сумы         Privatization of land is the transfer of land ownership from a government to a privately owned entity. Persons can privatize the land if they use it and want to acquire the right of property, or they want to use their right to obtain a land plot from the state or municipal property.
           To privatize a land plot, which is in use, if there is a made decision to provide a private property, and if the land is located under a structure (under the house, or the cottages, etc.), which is considered to be a private property, you need to order technical documentation. For this reason you should contact the land management organizations and make a treaty to prepare technical documentation for establishing (or restoration) land boundaries, as well as a contract for engineering - geodetic surveying. After conducting land surveying the Act of accommodation of borders of a land plot between neighboring land users and landowners must be signed.
           The next step is the preparation of technical documentation and an exchange file in XML format. Having received the documents (two copies - the original and a copy must be given to the local authority for approval), you must apply to the State Registration of Ownership Rights on Immovable Property (in Sumy and Sumy region – Gamalia Street, 25) and provide these documents for review and Land registry in the National Cadastre System (the Cadastral Registrar has to stamp a copy of the technical documentation). Within two weeks after the registration of land in the NCS, you can get an extract of land registry, where you can find the cadastral number assigned to a land plot.
         The next step is to provide technical documentation, including the extract of land registry for approval of urban, rural, village council (at the session). The result of the session is considered to be the ratification of technical documentation and receiving the extract from the administrative decision-making of approving the technical documentation of land use planning.  
The last step is the registration of the land plot in the registration service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and getting a title to land. The application for the registration at the registration service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is suggested to be taken in advance, before the session.
To privatize the land, which is not in use, it is necessary to apply to the relevant executive authority or local government. In response to the submitted application you should get a resolution (order, decree) for permission to draw up a land management project on the allotment of land ownership (the permission for privatization).  
         This document is the basis for land management organizations at the beginning of developing the land management project. This project is coordinated by the current legislation of Ukraine and certain institutions and approved by the resolution (order, decree) of the relevant executive authority or local government.
It is necessary to pay attention to the fact, if a land plot borders with the objects of nature reserve fund or, whether there is a pond or a forest on the territory of the parcel of land. When such is the case, the project must be coordinated by the water management and nature conservation authorities. Also, if the land plot is located on the territory of historical and cultural property or a parcel of the land borders with it, in addition, it is necessary to coordinate the land management project with the authorities for conservation of cultural heritage.  
The next step is to appeal to the territorial authority of the State Agency for Land Resources to receive the extract from the State Land Cadastre about the land plot. After that, having received the extract and resolution on the approval of the detailed design for Land Management, received at the session, you should contact the registration service (at the place of registration of the land area) and get «the Certificate of title to real property."  
To develop a project for land allotment, you must have the following documents:  
- The original of the decree of the central administrative board of the State Agency for Land Resources or the original of the resolution of village, town and city or regional councils, Kyiv Regional State Administration empowered to transfer and provide land ownership.  
- The copy of the master plan of the inhabited locality;  
- Copies of a passport and a tax ID number, for individuals; 
- In addition, depending on the location of the land, the certificate «About the membership» taken from a garden cooperative or horticultural partnership and the copy of the master plan (certified by the signature and seal of the Chairman) may be required.

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