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кадастровый номер укрспецземA cadastral number is an individual digital number (code) of the real estate that is not repeated throughout Ukraine and assigned to a parcel of land without time-limit to identify it while it exists. Those parcels of land which state acts of ownership were issued up to 2002 did not have any cadastral numbers therefore to formalize inheritance, sell the land and alienate one can come across some problems. According to the new requirements for the implementation of acts in law related to the land management, to sell a plot of land, grant it, formalize inheritance, the presence of the assigned cadastral number is a compulsory condition.
If your land has not been assigned a cadastral number, then there is a significant risk of a dispute over land boundaries with neighbors or even loss of your land.
Without cadastral numbers you may not:  
- sell a land plot;  
- grant a land site;  
- mortgage a land plot;  
- divide or consolidate a land plot;  
- rent a land plot;  
- put the ground area into the authorized work fund.  
The issues related to the assignment of the inventory numbers are solved by the State Land Cadastre and the State System of Registration of Rights to Immovable Property. An applicant applying for a cadastral number cannot get it in many cases. The reason may be a lack of proper documentation or a location of adjoining lots, etc. If the land plot has been already privatized and there is a state act, the cadastral number is assigned with the help of reported information about the area on the basis of the technical documents in the National Real Estate Cadastre. Therefore, first of all, the land owner should apply to the land management organization to develop the technical documents. As a result, the owner receives a cadastral number for the land, which is vouched by receiving a record taken from the State Land Cadastre.
For making the technical documentation one should have the following documents:  
- A notarized copy of the state act;  
- Copies of a passport and a tax ID number (for individuals);  
- Copies of the certificate of registration of the charter, copies of minutes of the meeting of the founding parties, a copy of the certificate of incorporation into the Uniform State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine for legal entities, copies of the certificate of payment of taxes (for legal entities). All copies must be notarized;  
- In addition, depending on the location of the land, you may need: the certificate from a garden, garage cooperative or partnership about "the membership and absence of debt" and the copy of the master plan of the territory (certified by the signature and seal of the Chairman).

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